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There is a significant difference between the terms Design and Engineer, and when you buy an industrial piece of equipment, you most definitely want both.  One is the big picture, and the other, the all important details.

Design is more focused on the front end of custom system development, the creative theory of operation and capacity drawn from long and wide variety of machine experience.  A Design can be as simple in thought as to be shared by pen-on-napkin over coffee, or require numerous renderings to refine and define a concept.



Good Engineering follows Design, and executes it into all the correct details to not only make it work, but have it do so for a very long time with minimal maintenance.  Stresses and impacts are matched to appropriate materials and dimensions.  Motors are specified for not only listed power, but continous duty with good heat transfer.  Moving components are precisely fit to not get into eachothers way.  Only the highest quality components are selected for assemblies, those built to last.

SBS has not only the many years of application expertise for custom Design, but rock solid Engineering credentials and history to ensure you get the best system your money can buy.

We are the Custom Blasting System Partner you seek.