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Replacement Parts

A grit blasting system, by its very nature, is a highly abrasive equipment assembly that literally consumes some of its own components. Guns, nozzles, blast hose, filters and valve sleeves make up a portion of those items requiring routine replacement. As a direct distributor for several OEM and aftermarket manufacturers, SBS offers a wide range of parts with competitive prices.

Nozzles & Blast Guns

From cost-effective ceramic, to tungsten carbide, boron carbide, and long-lasting Roctec nozzles, we are your complete nozzle supplier.

Gloves & Windows

For manual blast cabinets or cabinets with inspection windows, gloves and windows are the operator’s interface with their machine.

Hoses & Couplings

Blast hose, blast hose couplings, and coupling seals are often overlooked wear items in a blasting system. Stock these spare parts to reduce downtime!

Safety Products

Respirators, goggles, gloves, suits, helmets, air pumps, and filters keep you safe and up to date on the latest government regulations.

Bucket Elevators

Surface Blasting Systems offers both cast iron buckets as well as plastic buckets for your elevator needs, depending on the type of media used.

Air Components (Pneumatics)

The quality of blasting depends on the quality of your air. Keep your systems running smooth with new oscillating filters, dryers, regulators, and valves.

Pressure Pots

We offer single and dual pressure pots for short and continuous blasting, as well as portable pots to meet your new and replacement needs.

Dust Collector Filters

We can supply filters for any dust collector, including Camfil-Farr, Donaldson Torit, Environmental Filter, and Dust Hog to name a few.

Blast Wheels

Wheel blasting components wear out from abrasive flowing through them. Let us replace your liners, impellers, control cages, and blades.

Blasting Abrasive

Surface Blasting offers competitive pricing on aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, steel grit, steel shot, glass bead, organic, and plastic abrasive.

Electrical & Controls

From the PLC to a light bulb, SBS can provide electrical and controls components for any part of your blasting machine.

Miscellaneous & OEM

SBS can manufacture the custom components you need. Work with our engineers to develop the best blasting solution for you. We can do that!

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