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Pipe & Tube Blasting Equipment

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    Outside & Inside Diameter
    Blasting Capabilities
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    Flexible Designs
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    Through Feed &
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Pipe & tube sandblasting machines are used to strip, clean, & prepare the inside and/or outside of nearly any sized pipe. Used heavily in the oil and gas industries for cleaning & preparing pipes for a coating, these machines are also used in the automative, aerospace, military, and general industrial sectors of the economy as well. SBS' fully enclosed grit blasting machines are designed for high throughput, cleanliness of the work environment, and ease of maintenance. Pipe & tube blast machines can be designed as either an automatic through feed machine with conveyors or manual top loading for cost sensitive projects.

Customizable | Fully Enclosed Blasting | Auto & Manual Capability

Features & Benefits

Unlike our competitors, all SBS pipe & tube grit blasting machines are fully enclosed. This means less mess, less noise, and less waste. We also understand that time is valuable. This is why we design our blasting strokes with servos, allowing for a large range of speed control. SBS offers options on all our pipe blasting machines ranging from a vibratory separator for precisely screened media to closed loop air pressure controls to automatic media adding. Each option adds value and control to the equipment that equates to a more reliable and repeatable finished product to your customers.

ID and/or OD Pipe & Tube Blasting | Large Capacity | Optional Upgrades

Grit Blasting & Shot Peening Pipe & Tube Machines

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